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Stovax Studio 1
Whether you're seeking a jewel in the crown to complement your elegant du00e9cor, a fire to warm your soul and mesmerise your guests, or a cosy family haven at the heart of your home, the Riva Studio 1 woodburning fire will meet your expectations and more. Stylishly designed and created by Stovax, the Studio 1 comes equipped with controllable, high-performance woodburning technology to heat your home to 21st-century standards using a renewable resource.

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West Country craftsmanship

For more than three decades, the Stovax group's market-leading product range has set the industry standards for sophisticated, high-quality woodburning stoves backed by flawless design principles and consummate craftsmanship based on traditional values. Despite their accumulated expertise, this Exeter-based company are far from content to rest on their laurels, and have become prominent contributors to research initiatives in the field of alternative heating technologies.

Exclusive design options

With its rare combination of ultra-efficient performance and a comprehensive array of custom options, the Riva Studio 1 offers the purchaser a host of eye-catching configurations to match any interior ambiance: As a handsome, freestanding &#39traditional stove' version, the Studio 1 features a stunning black finish, can be either hearth- or bench-mounted, and can also be fitted with a tasteful black-glass top plate and a decorative flue. In its flush-fitted cassette form, the Studio 1 reveals a breathtaking widescreen view of the dancing flames, has a broad range of refined and ultra-stylish frame profiles, and is available in a choice of three exquisite tactile finishes u2013 steel, glass and ceramic. Thus purchasers looking to create their own interior atmosphere of visual charm and discerning character will find a palette of irresistible options fit to inspire a truly unique personal statement.

Technology redefined: contemporary woodburning

Beyond its peerless beauty, owners of the Riva Studio 1 will gain all the benefits of mature woodburning technology at its peak: a state-of-the-art Cleanburn combustion system delivering up to 80 per cent heating efficiency and offering close control of flame dynamics; potent Airwash technology routing an interior airflow across the window, helping to keep it clean and preserving an unobscured view of the living flames; and accessories such as warm-air ducting and fan-assisted convection systems designed to maximise space-heating options. And fully reflecting the ecological spirit of our age, the Studio 1 is fuelled by a carbon-neutral energy source, and also meets (or exceeds) stringent international environmental criteria covering efficient operation and safe emissions.

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