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Wood Burning Stoves


Wood burning stoves have been growing in popularity in the past 15 or so years especially within the Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire regions. With the evolution of homes & fireplace models, it has never been easier to have a raw, natural fire in your very own living room.

People love the idea of a campfire in their home. There is a real fun element to fires and fireplaces. There is nothing like a roaring fire to create an atmosphere. A warming glow and a real sense of home automatically light up the room.

Receiving genuine advice and high-quality products are vital when it comes to the longevity of your new wood burning stove. The high-quality maintenance you will receive as part of our on-going contract, will ensure you get the best out of your stove.

All stoves have different capabilities. So to get a true picture of each model’s unique characteristics, we rigorously test each and every model over a length of time and in different conditions.

We do not sell every stove that is available on the market; we only sell stoves we believe in. This allows us to be confident that you will receive only the best wood burning stove.

Our wood burning stove suppliers are primarily British & Scandinavian as we have found these two to consistently produce long lasting, high-quality wood burning stove.


Dean Stoves offer something for everyone and to suit most budgets and we have found them to be, over the years, one of the most comprehensive wood burning stove supplier.

From there charming little Dartmoor 5, which is a simple 5 kW traditional style with large window, to their Croft Clearburn range which will heat the largest of spaces due to its robust build.

Charnwood stoves are manufactured on the Isle of Wight. They have a huge range of designs to complement any fireplace or home.

The Charnwood C4 and C5 are fantastic in small to medium rooms. The Island or Cove range are heavier built stoves for more demanding jobs. However, they are just as efficient for smaller rooms.

Stovaxfrom Exeter, are one of the best known British makes. They are a larger company and have a vast range of styles. They keep ahead of the times and use cutting edge technology to keep ahead of the game.

We have found that Stovax wood burners fulfil a lot of our clients wants & needs.

Pevex are a small and friendly company based near Ipswich who we have found to be reliable and authentic with their models. They’re a caring company with great support who offer some award winning models such as the X30 cube, designed for smaller openings but have all the features of larger stoves. The Pevex Serenity inset stove is perfect if you prefer the cassette type.

Contura design and manufacture a wide range of Scandinavian stoves that are ideal for bringing warmth into any environment.

As a leading manufacturer of wood burning stoves in Scandinavia and across Europe, we are passionate about the quality of our fireplaces and to integrate the highest standards of quality, efficiency and timeless class across our entire log burner collection.


The wood burning stove was actually popularised in Scandinavia. Because of this, most people who live in this part of the world have had a wood burning stove at some point. The expertise crafted into each model is reflected through the high quality.

Keddy Fireplace in a modern home settingClean burning, smart designs and unique features such as auto controls and heat storage, you will be hard pushed to find a poor quality Scandinavian wood burning stove. Especially one within our award-winning showroom.

Due to the popularity of Scandinavian wood burning stoves, the choice of high quality manufacturers is endless.

We have tested most of the big names. Our tests have found that quality and reliability seems to be very high on most. So our choices are based on customer support and having a good direct relationship.

They listen to us when it comes to customer demand and they develop their stoves to suit our market, not simply adapt their existing models.

We stock Cottura, BarbasYeomanTown & CountryMendipHetaHwamConturaDovreKeddyWiking and Westfire 


If you are looking to purchase a reliable wood burning stove, rest assured that Eco Fires and Stoves are here to help you every step of the way. Our experts offer you genuine advice about stoves in Surrey. Our aim isn’t to charge you the most we can, but to provide you with your dream fireplace.

Call us on 01252 815100 to speak to one of your friendly team members. Alternatively, you can email us at or fill out our online enquiry form and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

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