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Wood Burning Stoves

The Pioneer 400 at first glance

Sporting elegant contours inspired by the local landscape, the Pioneer 400 stove is a perfect example of Clearview's uncompromising attention to detail and desire to build a clean-burning stove to meet, and even exceed, the most demanding specifications. Customers tell us you don't actually choose to buy a Pioneer 400, one look at this rugged and stylish thoroughbred and it chooses you!

uy Clearview Pioneer 400 stove fleet hampshire

Clearview Pioneer 400 Stove

Why Wood Burning Stoves are the way to go.

An Energy-efficient solution

Modern heating methods seek to maximise energy efficiency whilst minimising carbon emissions, and contemporary wood-burning stoves are optimised to meet these aims. Fuelled by wood logs, a woodburner offers virtually carbon-neutral operation sustained by an eco-friendly source of renewable energy.

Growing and harvesting trees for fuel creates a carbon-neutral &#39virtuous circle': During the growth phase, trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere, and a virtually identical amount of CO2 is returned when the harvested logs are subsequently burned for heating. This is confirmed by official SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) statistics which govern, and measure, the overall energy efficiency and CO2 emissions of domestic properties. Wood logs are rated as a low-impact carbon-output choice with one kilowatt of heat generating just 0.008kg of carbon. Comparing the carbon produced by other fuels generating the same one kilowatt of heat: gas is responsible for 0.198kg, oil delivers 0.274kg, and electricity creates the most carbon residue at a costly 0.517kg.

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