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In this video we'll show you from start to finish how we installed a brick chimney with a pumice lining

This customer originally asked for a quote on a steel flue system, however it wasn't until he was advised of the benefits of a real chimney that he opted for  a new brick chimney.

The two most important factors were the appearance from the outside of the house and that it saved a lot of space inside the room.

We created a nice large opening inside so he could have the stove installed onto a simple hearth connecting directly to the chimney.  There is no need for a steel liner with a pumice chimney..


Within the past few years you will have noticed more and more metal flues on the sides on houses, some of which are poorly installed with cheap, inferior products that are now beginning to look tatty or starting to collapse and lean. Not only can these be an eye sore they can also become extremely dangerous.

Anyone who has used Eco fires to install there metal flues will know that we refuse to install any other flue than the more expensive Poujoulat TI flue system, The are regarded in the industry as the best you can buy.

However, this type of flue will never perform or look as attractive as a proper brick chimney with a pumice lining.

Here are a few facts to consider before investing in a metal flue

  • They will never perform as well as a proper chimney due to their construction and insulation properties
  • Metal flues have a life span and are not considered permanent
  • They can look extremely ugly and commonly upset neighbours which could also influence future buyers
  • They can be affected by high winds and rain leaking through the wall
  • They should be inspected for leaks on a regular basis as part of annual servicing

Here are a few facts about brick and pumice chimneys

  • Brick chimneys always look attractive on a property
  • Built on the outside of the house so no internal space taken up by a chimney breast
  • Brick chimneys can add value to your home and make it more desirable to a buyer Pumice and brick is a permanent and maintenance free solution
  • Pumice is a natural insulator, able to maintain the temperature of flue gases in comparison to steel flues which allow the temperature to fall quickly.
  • Pumice allows the flue gases in the chimney to quickly reach their optimum temperature enabling your stove to reach its optimum performance shortly after lighting
  • Less soot and tarring reducing the risk of chimney fires

The owners of Eco fires and Stoves believe their customers need to know all the options before they invest in a stove and flue as their choice could have an impact on the value of their home of cost them in the future.

With a strong belief that Pumice chimneys are the future when installing wood burners and multifuel stoves they have taken the next step and now offer a design and build service specialising in Pumice and brick chimneys with a dedicated team to deal with the increasing demand.

For details about installing a brick chimney with a pumice lining call 01252 815100

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