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Electric fires in Surrey have become more than just a passing trend, they have hit the mainstream and they’re allowing people to create a stunning focal feature in their home. But why exactly have electric fires become so popular? Here are 5 reasons to invest in an electric fire this year.


100% Efficient

There’ll be no heat lost up a chimney with an electric fire. 100% of the warmth will go exactly where you want it to go – straight into to room its installed in.

With gas or electric central heating, your bills might end up increasing if you are constantly heating every room in your house. But with an electric fire, you’ll be able to heat the room that you’re sitting in without spending a fortune on your energy bill.


Lower Cost

Following on from our previous point, electric fires are known to be inexpensive. The installation of other fireplace alternatives can come with a substantial price tag, which can leave homeowners re-thinking their decision to buy a fire.

Electric fires do not compromise on quality or efficiency, but they are generally cheaper to purchase. Of course, the price does depend on the style and type you are buying, but when you consider that on many electric fireplaces there’s no need for an extra budget for installation, your electric fireplace will become even more appealing.


Total Control

If your traditional fireplace is too hot, then an electric fire is the perfect alternative. The majority of modern electric fires are equipped with high and low heat settings and many of them now have an adjustable thermostat so you can control the exact amount of heat it generates.

You can have the warming flame effect independent of the heater meaning you can enjoy your fireplace all year round.


Easier Installation

All you need to worry about with an electric fireplace is simply where to install it. You are not restricted to a chimney position. As long as you have room and a power supply your good to go.

You don’t usually need to panic about a heavy remodelling job to install your electric fire and  if your room is of smaller proportions you have more options with electric fireplaces as many are smaller and designed to fit into tighter areas


Safety first

We understand that some people have safety concerns when it comes to gas or open fireplaces. They’re scorching hot and dangerous if children are around.

When you switch to an electric fireplace, you won’t have to worry about curious fingers getting burnt or long hair getting singed. Most modern fireplaces even include a safety feature that means the electric supply will cut out should there be any emergencies.

Electric fireplaces are often still cool enough to touch, so your children and puts can happily brush past them without getting hurt if they get to close.

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