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At Eco Fires, our staff have a wealth of experience when it comes to advising visitors in our stove showroom in Hampshire. We’re often asked “what is the best wood to burn?”. That’s why we’ve outlined the best types of wood to burn in your wood burning stove. Here’s a list of the best woods to burn and what to completely avoid  


Which wood burns for the longest?

The best wood for burning the longest in a stove is well seasoned or kiln-dried hardwood, Birch, Ash and Oak are especially suited to burning on a stove, However, most hard woods provide good heat and a standard 8 or 9 inch split log should burn for approximately forty-five minutes to an hour. 


  • Avoid


You should avoid burning any treated wood such as old fencing posts, pallets, decking and construction timbers. Also, avoid sappy fast-growing wood such as Pine and Fir as these will create a lot of tarring which can ruin a stove and chimney liner within months 

  • Seasoned wood

Seasoned hardwood (under 20 percent moisture content) is a firm favourite with Eco Fires and Stoves. It is what we always use on our displays in our showroom in Hampshire.  

We find it burns a slower than kiln dried and it can usually be sourced from a local supplier. We believe this is, overall, better for the environment and we like to support local businesses also.

  • Kiln dried

This is a very good firewood which burns a little hotter but usually a bit quicker, it is guaranteed to be under 20 percent moisture content and as it is so dry, it can be stored in plastic bags making it cleaner and often more convenient to store.

It can be bought in single bags or in bulk. Kiln dried wood is usually the most expensive due to the drying process and transportation. 


Where to buy

  • Seasoned 

Usually the best place to find seasoned wood would be from a local supplier that can be found online. However, we have contacts that we always recommend to our customers.

We recommend Winchfield logs who can be contacted on 01252 844759


  • Kiln dried


You may find your local supplier also offers kiln dried but generally you will find national outlets on the internet that can be equally as helpful.

If you need some advice on wood burning stoves, then why not take a look around our stove showroom in Hampshire – we can help! Visit our Church Crookham-based showroom, or call us on 01252 815100 or email if you have any questions!

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