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You may clearly know that you want a fireplace for your home and have visions of you and your family snuggled up around it, but when you actually start shopping for fireplaces in Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey, there are some things you need to consider when deciding just what model to buy and have installed. There’s plenty to choose from, so you really need to have a starting point to work with to help you decide, such as:




Aside from being a limiting factor for the type of fireplace and surround you can fit in a room, you’ll also need to consider how much space you have for another reason” proportion. Fireplaces that are too large for the room they’re in can be overbearing, and ones that are too small may be overshadowed by the rest of the room.




You’ll want whatever fireplace you pick to look at home in the room it’s installed in, and to complement the decor. If you’re planning on redecorating then you can go for a whole new look, or you may prefer to choose something that complements what you already have. Another option is to pick a more timeless and versatile option to give greater room for potential redecorating in future.


Fireplaces make a fantastic centrepiece for the room, and many choose to highlight this with mirrors, art, or even wall-mounted televisions. Which of these you choose (if any) will of course affect the design of fireplace you’ll get – after all, certain models work better than others with different surrounds.




One of the biggest considerations to make will be related to functionality, and what kind of fuel you want your fire to use. Eco Fires and Stoves stock both gas and wood burning fires, and both options have their own distinct benefits, which we have discussed in greater detail in other blogs.

If you’re browsing for fireplaces in Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey and would like to take a look at the stock in our showroom, why not pop over to Eco Fires and Stove today? We’re based in Fleet and our team are always happy to help show visitors around. Alternatively, you can contact us by calling 01252 815100 or sending an email to

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