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Those looking for an elegant gas fire, which can also double as an atmospheric centrepiece capable of both welcoming and captivating your visitors at the same time, need look no further – the View Bell Derby 3 has arrived! With its contemporary controllability and a number of versatile installation options, this latest Bellfires living-flame gas fire is already proving a popular customer purchase, and after-sales feedback from happy customers affirms the Derby 3's undisputed head-turning, picture-perfect profile.

Built by Dutch master craftsmen

Active for almost nine decades, Dutch manufacturers Bellfires are acclaimed industry experts whose dedicated team of designers and engineers take uncompromising ownership of each assignment from the very outset u2013 just as master craftsmen have always done. Each customer order is uniquely identified, then fashioned, assembled and tested according to the detailed specifications in a continuous hand-built process which produces a premium custom-engineered product whilst offering a customer-response time second to none.

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Bellfires View Bell Derby 3

Consummate design statement

The View Bell Derby 3 offers an ultra-realistic living fire which sits naturally just above floor level. Surrounded by crystal-clear tall glass and giving a breathtaking and uninterrupted 180-degree perspective, this classic fire's aesthetic achievement is to tastefully bring the fire into the living space, offering a warm characterful presence without ever dominating the room. A hidden door assists this magnificent illusion, and a choice of ceramic and steel interiors gives plenty of scope for creating a customised look, or matching existing features.

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View Bell Derby Vertical


Effortless &#39flame on demand'

Taking full advantage of the ease with which a modern gas fire can be controlled and regulated, the View Bell Derby 3 can be fully adjusted via remote control to ensure the fire delivers just the amount of heat required. A double burner gives a choice of heat output levels, and flame height can be customised along with a host of other options such as day/night thermostat control, specific timer settings, and a manual operation mode. In addition, Derby 3 customers can opt for one of two double burner configurations: with the Line Fire option, a full-width flame can be adjusted to give a choice of depth, whereas the Centre Fire option offers either a full-width flame image or a &#39centred' flame effect which then occupies just the middle of the hearth.

Responsible, ethical production

Still a family-owned company, Bellfires successfully combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and sustainable production values. Their entire production chain is confined to the Benelux region, allowing Bellfires to minimise transport costs, source local materials, sustainably employ a highly-skilled local workforce and maintain unparalleled delivery schedules. It goes without saying such painstaking attention to detail will be clearly evident in the View Bell Derby 3 as well as the rest of the company's eco-friendly, maximum-efficiency products.

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View Bell Medium Gas Fire

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