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Are you looking for instant warmth from a welcoming fire which combines a stylish profile and classic good looks with the efficiency and response of a natural gas stove? If so, then the British made Whitby gas fire, designed and created by craftsmen at Town & Country Fires, has an unbeatable blend of features and a characterful presence which will grace any traditional or contemporary interior.A full range of Gas fires available from our showroom

Mature expertise

The Thurlow family launched Town & Country Fires in 1977 and have been designing and building high-quality stoves beside the North Yorkshire Moors ever since. Their range of high-calibre stoves are craftsman-built utilising the best British steel, drawing upon decades of experience, and deploying today's cutting-edge technologies with the utmost skill and precision. All Town & Country Fires heating products are guaranteed to match, and mostly exceed, the most stringent quality and safety standards.

Handsome centrepiece

Standing a comfortable 558-mm tall and 560-mm wide, the Whitby offers a sophisticated profile with subtly rounded contours and a prominent glass window surmounted by a graceful curved arch framing a panoramic view which seems to stretch right into the heart of the fire. Customers purchasing the Whitby have a choice of fuel beds: either the cosy glow of gently burning coals, or the flickering flames of a driftwood fire. And with its neat lines and tastefully restrained design the Whitby is an appealing centrepiece and an attractive addition guaranteed to complement any interior.

Stylish and adaptable

The Whitby comes with a choice of either classic brushed steel or sumptuous brass fittings and it's operating controls are hidden away beneath a discreet front panel. Flue options are either a vertical-fitted 5-inch diameter flue, or a horizontal connection via the rear closure plate, and the Whitby is compatible with both Class 1 and Class 2 type flues.

Efficient and responsive

In addition to manual mode, the Whitby natural gas stove can also be conveniently operated via remote control and can deliver a variable heat output up to a maximum of 5.4 kW. Testing has proved this fire achieves a remarkable 80 per cent fuel efficiency and its safety features offer full protection under all conditions. There is a thermal cut-out to guard against down drafts, which could occur, for example, with a flue blockage, plus an oxygen depletion sensor u2013 a safety feature which cuts off the gas supply if the oxygen content in the room starts to fall below recognised safe levels.

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