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Real class is extremely hard to conceal and our customers are always impresssed by the flawless design and pedigree of the Unilux-6 40 wood-burning stove. Though this premium product from Barbas may take just two weeks to build, it’s immediately clear that acquiring the know-how to create such a stunning centrepiece with instant eye-catching appeal takes a great deal longer.

Gas Fire Shoroom Fleet HampshireBarbas Unilux 6:40

Dutch master craftsmen

All Unilux stoves are exclusively hand-crafted by Barbas in their factory at Bladel in the South Netherlands. Their distinctive manufacturing concept considers every order to be a custom-configuration u2013 a process which is launched by assigning a customer name and barcode to each and every product from the outset. With almost four decades of experience behind them, Barbas stoves enjoy a formidable industry reputation built on quality, workmanship, design and innovation. Barbas’ in-house products are created and assembled by the finest Dutch engineers, use only locally sourced materials from Benelux countries, and are subject to stringent testing to maintain the highest possible standards.

Flexible specification

Whilst any version of the Unilux-6 40 wood-burning stove will offer a heat-output of 4-6 kW and the same tasteful design features, the real advantage of the Barbas approach is the sheer variety of customisable options available. Fires can be oriented horizontally or vertically, with a choice of four exquisite frame styles allowing the Unilux-6 40 to be adapted to blend seamlessly with the look, dimensions and furnishings of your interior space.

Adapts to your location

The Unilux-6 40 adapts easily to any new-build or existing location and its concrete/ceramic interior requires a fitting clearance of just 35cm. Such a shallow cavity means this stove demands very little structural alteration and is an ideal built-in choice where space is limited. There is an equally varied choice of chimney connections, with horizontal and vertical flue outlets available, plus the further choice of a diagonal connection.

UK-exclusive option

Burning logs up to 20cm in length, the Unilux-6 has an Air Wash feature which uses pre-heated air to ensure its glass door offers an uninterrupted view into the heart of the flames. UK versions of the Unilux-6 wood-burning stove can also be supplied as a multi-fuel option. These models incorporate a special multi-fuel grate with a modified burning floor, a large-capacity ashtray, and a higher log retainer.

To meet our modern environmental standards, the Unilux-6’s clean-burning technology also features a secondary combustion stage. This economic process helps to protect our environment by burning off toxic gases to reduce harmful emissions, whilst also recovering further heat which would otherwise be lost.

For more information and advice please call or visit Gas and Wood fire showroom in Church Crookham Hampshire.

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