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Are you looking for a designer gas fire with radiant good looks to make a stylish centrepiece? A welcoming glow to warm the heart of every visitor? Or perhaps an efficient, reliable heat source which must be easy to operate and control? Then the good news is the Gazco Riva2 range more than meets each of these requirements, and the even better news is that, with a host of flexible options, any Riva2 can be precisely configured to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Gazco Riva 2/750 from our gas  fire showroom

A recent installation of the Gazco Riva 2/750 HL

Design heritage

It is no accident the design team at Gazco are past masters of their genre.

Established in 1981, this British company have decades of experience in the heating business, and during that time have forged a commanding reputation for quality, expertise and a judicious blend of tradition and innovation. Continuously setting the standards for others to follow, today Gazco and its sister company Stovax are Europe's leading manufacturers of stoves.

Riva2 500 core features

Homeowners will particularly appreciate the Riva2’s customer-oriented design specification once they learn this gas fire will comfortably fit the standard British fireplace opening of 22 inches. This facilitates an uncomplicated installation process without the need for structural alterations. Crafted with heating efficiency in mind, all Riva2 portrait and landscape gas fires are glass-fronted to avoid heat loss, and feature a heat exchanger to maximise the benefits of the heat output (up to 5.2kW). This enables the Riva2 range to return outstanding maximum efficiency ratings of up to 82 per cent. All fires offer armchair-based fingertip control and operation via a programmable thermostatic remote control. This not only allows custom adjustment of heat output and flame-profile, but also offers automated timer-controlled operation and functionality which includes the option to create a custom range of daily/weekly heat settings.

Chimney optional

Lack of a conventional chimney outlet is no barrier to owning a Riva2 gas fire. In these circumstances a balanced flue can be installed. This completely isolates the fire from the room atmosphere u2013 so heating efficiency is not compromised and draughts are eliminated u2013 and uses twin-wall piping to provide an air supply to the fire and vent combustion gases externally.

Similarly, those customers who wish to take advantage of an existing conventional flue or a pre-fabricated chimney will find that all models featured in the Riva2 500 range are entirely suitable for this type of installation. The safety-conscious will also be pleased to hear that both balanced- and conventional-flue installations are equipped with fully-compliant gas-safety features.

And for customers living in areas without access to natural gas, Stovax also offer LPG versions of the Riva2 range.

Gas Fires Hampshire  Riva2_500_Ellingham_Gas_Fires_-_Gazco_Built_In_Fires

The Riva2 500 Our Most Popular Range Of Fires

Elegant interiors, astonishing realism u2026

The Riva2 range represents the state-of-the-art evolution of the fireplace as a pivotal component of elite interior design. Available in traditional hearth or contemporary wall-mounted versions, Riva2 fires capture a breathtaking landscape of flickering flames and glowing embers, adding a signature ambiance to any living space.

In addition to the visual impact afforded by the flame picture dancing upon its hand-painted ceramic log-fuel bed, Riva 2s offer a comprehensive selection of frames guaranteed to match any du00e9cor style, colour, and textural requirements. For instance, the wall-mounted ‘Edge’ frame contributes a seamless, contemporary ‘hole in the wall’ look, whilst the nobility of the cast-iron, hearth-mounted ‘Ellingham’ frame evokes classic Neo-Georgian interior designs.

Extending the design palette even further, each gas fire in the Riva2 500 range also offers a choice of firebox linings. Different backdrop allows the beauty of the flames to be set off in different ways, against a classic brick effect, for example, a tasteful black-reeded vermiculite, or a lighter lining to create a fresh contemporary look.

Whatever your dream interior looks like, there’s sure to be a Riva2 gas fire to provide that perfect finishing touch.

Visit our fire showroom in Church Crookham, near Fleet, Hampshire or call us for further information.

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