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Gazco Riva 2/500 Gas Range

With some gas fires versatility just doesn’t work, whilst others have the ability to adapt, blend and link interior themes without losing an ounce of their characterful identity. In the opinion of countless more-than-satisfied customers, the Gazco Riva 2/500 stands firmly at the top of this latter category. Really good fires are never best sellers by chance, there’s always a reason, only with the Riva 2s we have to make that several reasons.

Gas fire showroom hampshire showing the Riva2 500

Classic innovators
Gazco, makers of the Riva 2/500, are part of the Stovax Group based in the English West Country. Now well into their fourth decade, Stovax are acclaimed British innovators whose designers and engineers are responsible for a remarkable series of UK firsts: first to introduce remote controls; first to develop VFC (variable flame control); and first to design and market modern, hole-in-the-wall, inset fires. Now researching 21st-century technologies, Stovax have the happy knack of creating innovative features and functions which are on their way to becoming classics almost before the paint has dried.

Warming and transforming
Arguably, the visual appeal of the Riva 2 range is the prime reason for its huge popularity. It’s a gas fire blessed with good looks created by clean tasteful lines and well-balanced features. The Riva 2/500 presents a strikingly perfect profile which gives it an air of classic elegance and u2013 so customers say u2013 immediately starts the mind picturing a stunning range of home interior contexts and possibilities. Sometimes it can be hard to really envisage a certain gas fire back in your own living room, but with the Riva 2 it’s hard not to.

The Gazco Riva Range Fleet Hampshire

Handsome as it undoubtedly appears in full showroom condition, the Riva 2/500 is a resourceful thoroughbred not a one-trick pony. For instance, you can choose from a number of decorative interior backdrops to customise its look, go for different style concepts, opt for portrait or landscape frames, and there are a number of impressive stone fireplaces built to any design that complement it perfectly. What is more, the Riva 2 is a super-efficient gas fire equipped with a variable control system that can happily heat a medium-sized to larger room space with no trouble at all.

Installation options
Designed to slot neatly into the standard British 500-mm fireplace aperture (hence the Riva "500") the Riva 2 is therefore easy to install in the vast majority of homes. Another convenient point in its favour is that this gas fire can be installed whether you have a chimney or not as there are balanced- or conventional flue options.

Once installed, the fire is very easy to control via its fully featured remote handset. Timer and thermostat functions allow ultra-convenient custom settings whilst the Riva 2’s glass-fronted design, as well as offering an ambient living-flame cameo effect, contributes to this fire’s renowned heating efficiency.

View The Riva2-500 Range at our showroom in Fleet

Gazco’s distinctive range of gas fires ‘came of age’ long ago, and its sophisticated Riva 2/500 range looks set to remain a real customer favourite for the foreseeable future.

Visit our showroom in Church Crookham near Fleet in Hampshire to view working models.

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