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Though &#39classic' can sometimes be an overused word, it's the one that instantly springs to mind when you catch a glimpse of Gazco’s stunning range of Studio gas fires. One reason for the sustained popularity of these models is their outstanding ability to set the tone for any interior space, and the great news is that a specially designed Studio Slimline version is available. So even if your living room has just a cavity wall and no chimney breast, it's still possible to create your own distinctive version of the Studio look.

Choose your interior moodStudio Slimline Gas Fires Hampshire

The Slimline option offers the same flexible range of style features with six different frames, four unique fire linings each with its own texture and colouring, plus a selection of alternative fuel bed effects. As a homeowner, you can mix and match these elements to produce an elegant centrepiece which perfectly complements the mood and ambience of your furnishings and interior architectural setting. So whether you go for a bold &#39hole in the wall' statement with the minimalist Studio Edge frame, the contemporary modern-art feel of a Studio Bahaus, the graceful contours of a Studio Verve, or something else in the range which fires your imagination, the choice is yours.

Gazco Studio 1 Slimline Gas fire

Gazco Studio 1 Slimline Verve gas fire in Graphite, Glass Fronted with Log-effect fuel bed and Brick-effect Lining

Controllable, high-efficiency output

Good looks are an essential, but heating efficiency and low running costs can be equally important. Each of the two Slimline models are rated 82% efficient, with the Studio Slimline 1 offering a heat output of 4.25kW and its more powerful stable-mate, the Studio Slimline 2, able to produce a heat output of 5.0kW. Both Slimline models feature ultra-convenient programmable thermostatic remote control, allowing you the luxury of setting and controlling every aspect of your room heating programme from the warm comfort of your fireside chair. Besides choosing the level of heat output, you can also access timer and thermostat settings to create, continuously monitor and control the duration and character of the interior climate you choose.

Compact profile for modest spaces

Thanks to a slimmed-down firebox just 155mm deep, the Studio Slimline 1 and 2 are a great choice for fitting into cavity wall apertures and any other locations where space may be at a premium. These glass-fronted fires are fitted with a balanced flue, which also means they can be fitted in properties where there is no traditional chimney. Besides saving further space, your gas fire will therefore use external ventilation u2013 an installation process which completely seals off your fire from the room in which it will be operated. This has the further benefits of eliminating any chance of draughts and boosting the heating efficiency of your fire.

Gazco Studio 1 Slimline Verve gas fire in Graphite, Glass Fronted with Log-effect fuel bed and Brick-effect Lining

Gazco Studio 1 Slimline Verve gas fire in Graphite, Glass Fronted with Log-effect fuel bed and Brick-effect Lining

Showcase your firebox and flame features

You can also select your firebox components to shape and frame the appearance of the flames at the heart of your fire. Four different linings are available: a brick-effect, black glass , vermiculite and a black reeded texture. Each choice of backdrop will showcase your flame bed in its own way, as indeed will your choice of flame options. Here, you can go for the modern sophistication of white stone, the mirror sparkle of glass beads, or the hand-crafted, traditional appeal of flickering logs resting upon gently-glowing embers.

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