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As ACR Heat Products demonstrate, far from being an exclusively rural heating option which is messy and old-fashioned, today’s modern multi-fuel stoves are powered by a renewable energy source and cover a broad spectrum of traditional and contemporary heating choices.

ACR stoves: forged in the heart of England

ACR products are manufacturers who have invested their knowledge and understanding of traditional woodburning appliances u2013 acquired over 25 years’ high-profile acquaintance with woodburners u2013 and blended this with the best of contemporary heating technologies to produce an in-house range of ACR Firebox steel multi-fuel stoves. Though justifiably proud of their woodburner heritage u2013 an enduring tradition evocatively recalled in many of their new models u2013 ARC’s range also contains many innovative designs and technologies to enhance any contemporary home environment. And customers will be equally pleased to note these ARC models are the very first UK stoves to have gained DEFRA’s approval to burn both wood and smokeless fuel in smoke-controlled areas and you can view the Rowandale at our stoves showroom in Fleet Hants


Rowandale: a living flame par excellence

With the Rowandale, ARC’s designers have captured the very essence of the traditional cast-iron stove. It’s stunning panoramic door frames and displays the living flames within; turning heads in the showroom, and ever after providing a tasteful and elegant centrepiece to grace and complement any classic interior. This handsome design is available in a choice of luxurious enamel glazes, or as a time-honoured matt black finish.

Beauty, warmth and flexibility

Standing 575mm tall, and measuring 555mm across with a depth of 370mm, the Rowandale stove is large enough to supply a warm cheery welcome in most rooms whilst still blending comfortably amidst its surroundings. Its 5Kw output will similarly heat a variety of home spaces without becoming an overpowering presence.

Fully featured and controllable

Recognising the Rowandale flame is central to its appeal, ARC have equipped this cast-iron stove with a powerful airwash to clean the glass door, ensuring the burning fire remains not only heartening and uplifting but clearly visible too. In use, the fire is easily controlled via a reassuringly simple array of air controls. Apart from loading fuel u2013 secured by an adjustable log guard u2013 and emptying the ashpan periodically, users will have little else to do other than enjoy the wonderful warmth and security only a living fire can bestow!

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

Like all ARC stoves, the Rowandale is an ultra-efficient fuel burner, and test figures show that a full 81.8 per cent of usable heat is recovered from the fuel it consumes. Beyond economy u2013 and of equal importance- the Rowandale’s modern combustion technologies ensure that harmful pollutant gases released during the burning process are trapped and burnt off, responsibly contributing to a cleaner atmosphere for us all.

To give customers every reassurance and complete peace of mind, this Rowandale stove, and all other ARC Firebox stoves, comes with a full five-year warranty. And with care and regular maintenance, your treasured Rowandale should remain a warm and beautiful presence at the heart of your home for very much longer

Download the ACR Rowandale brochure here

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