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As a company that offers local residents quality fireplaces in Hampshire, Eco Fires and Stoves know that some of our customers are long time lusters but first time havers of gas fires, meaning that they often don’t know what to do with them after they’re installed. “Use them, of course!” you might be thinking, but it goes a little deeper than that!


You may have heard of breaking in your shoes, but did you know that you need to “break in” your new gas fire before using it properly, too? That’s right, you unfortunately cannot use it immediately due to all the chemical coatings used turing the manufacturing process – much like a new oven, these need to be “burnt off” before you can use your fireplace normally.


Luckily, the process is not particularly strenuous, and can be carried out pretty easily over the weekend. All you need to do to get started is turn on your new gas fire as per its instructions. You’ll need to adjust your fire to the medium temperature and simply wait for the residue to burn off, which should take around four hours. There will likely be visible smoke for the first hour or two which can be mitigated by opening windows or otherwise ventilating your home. There will also likely be a strong chemical smell up until you turn your fire off. If no smoke or smell appears, you may need to turn your fire to a higher temperature.


Depending on what model you have, your fire may be ready to use normally, or may require one or two additional “burn-offs” – just remember to let your fire cool completely before attempting to light or use it again. After “breaking in” your fire, you may notice a strange coating on any glass panels your fire has. This is completely normal for a new fire, and should be carefully cleaned off before you attempt to use it again.


If you’re looking for fireplaces in Hampshire, look no further than Eco Fires and Stoves! We stock a wide range of wood burning stoves and gas fireplaces, and will work closely with you to ensure that the final installed product complements your home decor perfectly. Get in touch today by calling 01252 815100 or emailing Alternatively, why not pop in and see our fireplaces in person by visiting our Fleet showroom?

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