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Watch this video and we will show you how we transformed a typical 1980s built fireplace and inefficient fire into a modern high efficiency Bellfire Horizon fireplace.

Starting with a very large brick fireplace, originally installed by Charles church homes, in a Farnham estate, these fireplaces were Popular in the 80s but now very dated with a disproportionate fire opening.


Starting to carefully remove the old brickwork, you can see these fireplaces were built against the wall and plasterboard was the fitted around the surround.

There was so much rubble that we managed to fill our trailer twice once we has removed the whole fireplace

With the entire fireplace removed and the site cleared , we started work on breaking into the chimney at high level. This is where the new balanced flue liners enter the original chimney

Then with the hole created we can now plan the exact positioning of the new Horizon and chimney breast

We then blocked off the old opening and inserted the large outer liner ready for connection, there will be a smaller liner inserted through this one.

This is part of the balanced flue system which takes air directly from outside down the larger liner –   and the products of combustion are fed directly up the central liner.

This system is the most heat efficient appliance without the need for added ventilation in the room. But if you don’t have an existing chimney, "don't worry", in most situations we can install a prefabricated balanced flue which simply feeds directly to an outside wall with a simple terminal. This a concentric flue system.

Then we started the plastering where the old fireplace was removed,  this is still part of the preparation and will make a better job if this is done in the early stages.

Our next job was to fit the fire in position and then fit the steel supports for the chimney breast – steel is used because it is a stable product and obviously a non combustible material.

When this is completed, we slowly build up the sides ready to install the fire resistant board that houses the new fire. With the sides now secured in place we create the opening to house the remote control unit. After this  we can now build the front steel structure and begin the job of cladding the chimney breast. Extra strength can be added to allow for pictures, mirrors and television units.

The boards we use are double sided with a rough side for plastering and a smooth side for painting onto direct.

We prefer to plaster the breast completely to cover all the joints and it gives a better end result  time. Now its time to fit the natural granite frame which surrounds the fire and also does the very important job of protecting the plaster from cracking with the heat, (a very common problem if you don't fit a frame).

Our customer had room decorated and the new floor laid within a week and it made a huge difference.

For further information and advice, please call our gas fire showroom. 01252 815100

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