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Danish stoves…..

This is the HWAM 2630c, there’s a lot of stoves in their range, so I can’t remember all the models. It’s got the sort of output that we like for our houses, which is around the 5kw mark, but it’s a convection stove. It’s what’s called a cylinder stove.

Whenever you see the Scandinavian stoves, just about every company does this sort of cylindrical stove, but the HWAM is pretty unique in the way it operates. And it’s a really, really good system and we absolutely love these stoves high build quality, as you would expect from any Danish stove.

But what I really want to show you is how these things operate, how you control them. If this particular stove comes with the wood store on the bottom with the ash collection tray above. And that’s your control behind the door? And the reason for that is you don’t need to keep accessing it once you’ve set this, the stove does everything for you.

The stove knows when it’s cold, it opened up its own controls. It knows when it’s up to temperature and it will shut its own controls down. All we got to do is put wood in this thing and it will do the rest for you, even from cold lighting, it will put the right amount of air into the stove in the right places, as you would normally do with your controls on a conventional stove.

I’ve got a little demonstration – a  Blue Peter thing here, which I can show you how that works in a very simple way. This is what we use to show customers. How, what is happening within that stove to make that work. And once you see that you think, Oh, you know, that’s simple, it’s simple but effective and ultimately super reliable.

What we’ve got here, is just a simple setup to show you how this mechanism works within the stove. It’s quite simple. When you see it working… You’ve got your three main air inlets that you get with any other woodburning stove, that’s your lighting of the stove, your primary air, , that opens up acts like bellows, to get, air into the fuel bed, to get it up to temperature.

Once that’s up to temperature, you’ll see this start to close off. Then it opens up your tertiary air and your air wash. The tertiary air is basically like a turbocharger on a car. It’s re-burning off the smoke at the back of the stove. And then the air wash is what you basically use for your main control, once a stoves up to temp the temperature.

I’m going to be putting some heat on this little metal spring here, and it’s all about expansion and contraction. When you heat some metal up, it reacts and moves. There’s no electronics, no batteries, nothing like that. It’s a very, very simple mechanism. So here we go.

Keep an eye on the controls here. I’m gonna apply some heat to that little spring at the back. You should see those outlets reacting….

Of course, the cooling down process takes a lot longer. So, you know, you wouldn’t want to sit here watching the video of that happening. When these cool down and it realises it’s not getting enough air, the bottom air control will open up again, introduce more air, so if you put in more fuel on it, it’s gonna get that lit very quickly.

Or if it’s the end of the burn. It’s going to open up the control and burn off all that ash and embers at the end. So you’re going to come down to a nice powdery ash, nice clean fuel bed. So as I’ve got my, a trusty blow torch in my hand, I thought I might as well light this and show you how this one looks when it’s going as well.

There you go. I just lit that very quickly. The, the control is set kind of midway, but like I say, I don’t really need to touch that one once, you know how your stove runs. You probably won’t need to touch that again really. Just leave the door slightly ajar for a couple of seconds let the fire get established.

Like I say, it doesn’t take long on this. Shut the door again. That’s going to do its thing. There you go. That’s been lit for about five minutes now. Flames nice and established control is set halfway. Don’t need to touch that again. Just shut the door now it’s, it’s fully under its own control now. So here you go.

You’ve got the rolling flames going on in the tall window of the HWAM stove. I can already feel the amazing heat, radiant heat through the glass and can feel the convected warm air coming from it. Super efficient stove and like I say, that’s after just five minutes. Once this thing’s up to temperature they really come into their own.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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