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Installing a fireplace is just the start of a residential journey that you will take as a homeowner. A lot of our existing customers, as well as our new enquiries ask us for our expert opinion on how to compliment their fireplace with the rest of their interior design.


We are always happy to help our clients and these are the recommendations, tips and tricks we usually make:




Statement walls are becoming a more popular element of interior design, with one wall being painted or papered differently to the rest of the room, the contrast helping to create a centre point of feature wall. It is possible to build on this further and paint only your chimney breast a different colour (or decorate with a different wallpaper pattern) to really draw attention to your fireplace and create a real focal point.


Home Entertainment


A new combination we’re seeing more frequently is that of a wall mounted television hanging above wall mounted fireplaces, and it’s easy to see why. As well as making it easier to stay warm whilst curled up in front of the tv, fireplaces are a great way to balance out increasingly larger modern entertainment systems.




You can use texture to your advantage by enhancing natural brickwork or create more with alcoves, recesses, and shelving. Wood panelling and slate make for eye catching surrounds that can complement both rustic and modern decor.


Personal Touches


It can be helpful to view the wall space above your fireplace as a blank canvas for you to do with as you please, and one way to fill it is with personal touches. Why not create a picture collage, or hang a statement print, or eye-catching wall mount? Mirrors make a good centrepiece as well as helping the room seem both brighter and larger.


If you’d like to take a closer look at available fireplaces in Surrey and maybe choose one to take home with you, why not visit the Eco Fires and Stoves showroom in Fleet? You can also contact our friendly team with further enquiries by calling 01252 815100 or sending an email to instead.

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