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Here at Eco Fires, our converted barn showroom attracts lots of compliments from visitors and industry experts. We often find that visiting the showroom helps a lot of our customers decide on which fireplace they really want. It’s all well and good browsing images online, but you can never really get a feel for the character and appeal of the fireplace until you see it in person! Visiting our fireplace and stove showroom near Surrey might help you decide which fireplace you want, but what else do you need to consider when choosing the right fireplace for your home?


Where is it going to go?

This is probably the first question that pops into your head when considering a fireplace purchase, right? Most people will probably go for the traditional living room fireplace placement, but they can look especially effective in other areas of your home! Take your kitchen for example – adding a fireplace to the kitchen breathes a fresh sense of style to your home.

It’s not just traditional fireplaces that look great – contemporary fireplaces are finding themselves in more homes in Surrey than ever before, and they’re adding an aesthetically-pleasing sense of luxury to many rooms

Here are some of our favourite examples that benefit from including a fireplace in the cooking area.


What style will go best with your decor?

Here at Eco Fires, our showroom includes a host of various styles of fireplaces – from gas fires and wood burning stoves, through to electric fires and traditional fireplaces! The best fireplace for your home will be the fireplace that complements your home’s character and suits your lifestyle.

If you have a stunning, modern home then it’s likely you’ll want a sleek fireplace to reflect that same look and feel. While traditional fireplaces boast some amazing craftsmanship and detail, it could look a little out of place in a contemporary, modern home. Something a little more simple, such as an electric fire, will add the striking final touch your modern home needs.

For those who have an older property, a traditional-style fireplace will fit beautifully in your home. Our wood burning stoves will look great in any home and add a certain traditional charm to your period decor.


Which fireplace suits your lifestyle?

If you’ve got young children or excitable pets on the loose, perhaps a raw open fire isn’t the best choice for your lifestyle. An electric fire, however, would be perfect for the family home! An electric fire allows you to have an inviting feature in your room with the option of having no heat output, and all you need to do is plug it in and the installation is complete.

If you want to create a real atmosphere in your home, then there’s nothing better than a hearty, cosy fireplace. Everyone loves the idea of snuggling up next to a warm fire.

If you’re stuck on which fireplace is the best for your home, then why not take a look around our stove showroom near Surrey and let us help you. Explain what you’d like to our friendly team and we’ll help you make the right decision. Call us on 01252 815100 or email if you have any questions!

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