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With the wide range of gas fireplaces available today, choosing the right one for your home can be an intimidating task. So how do you go about picking the right fire for your needs? What to look for when choosing a gas fire. 

Here are some tips on choosing a gas fire for your home.

Firstly, the type of gas fireplace:

Although a modern gas fire can be fitted into virtually any property, the type of fire suitable for your home will depend on the type of flue, or whether you have a flue at all.

If you live in an older property, pre-1960, you will almost certainly have a traditional fireplace and chimney as the main flue. Make sure it hasn’t been blocked off by a previous owner to help retain warmth.

As solid fuel fires went out of vogue in the 1970’s and central heating became the norm, fireplaces and chimneys were replaced with flat walls, and what are known as pre-cast flues. These are hollow concrete blocks which run up inside the cavity wall to the roof and a raised ridge tile, which allows the noxious gases to vent to the outside.

Finally, you may well live in a modern house with no flue. Even so, there are now a large range of balanced flues gas fires available, which will suit your purpose.

But don’t worry our experienced staff can give you all the advice you need when it comes to fitting the gas fire of your choice.

What is the gas fire’s purpose?

So, now we know the type of fire that…can be fitted, what about the style?

Are you looking for a gas fireplace to fit into an existing old solid fuel type fireplace? Is the fire going to not only provide heat, but also become the focal point of your lounge or living room, such as the popular ‘ flame’ type fires? Will your new gas fire be the main heat source, or is it to supplement your gas fired central heating system?

Running costs or aesthetic appeal:

Compared to electricity, solid fuel, oil, and butane type gas, natural gas is by far the cheapest form of fuel. None-the-less, if your quarterly heating bills are to take priority over aesthetic appeal, then talk to us for more advice i.e The Pros and Cons.

With annual running costs the prime consideration when choosing your new gas fireplace, then balanced-flue fires, are the most efficient. These fires which fit into an existing fireplace, to provide that Christmas card picture of a family roasting chestnuts around an open fire, are the least efficient.

To Recap:

• Check your flue type.

• Is the fire for main or supplementary heating?

• Do running costs, or looks take precedence?

All advice given comes from friendly, honest and professional staff with years of experience.  Whether that is in the showroom or on the phone, expect advice you can really trust.

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