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As a company that offers local residents fireplaces in Hampshire, Eco Fires and Stoves know that some of our customers are looking for a fireplace that will add character and charm to their home. Here are some reasons why a limestone and marble fireplace might be the perfect choice if you’re looking for unique and distinctive centrepiece to your home.

Limestone & Marble Fireplaces

Limestone and marble are both natural materials, that are full of character and charm! Every single piece has a completely unique appearance with a different story behind it. Each piece has been created over millions of years. If you look closely, you’ll see fossils of small animals and shells (some from hundreds of thousands of years ago!), and natural veining created by small streams building up with calcium. You could own a piece of ancient history as the centrepiece of your living room.


Once the fireplace has been cut and finished, these natural markings transform the fireplace into something quite fascinating with beautiful patterns. You’re bound to spot a new fossil or mesmerising natural pattern every time you sit in front of your fire.


The marble of the fireplace is cool to the touch, and it’s usually polished to give an almost wet appearance. Limestone, however, has a much warmer feel and appearance when compared with marble or granite. It’s usually much lighter in colour and has a matte or honed finish.


Limestone and marble fireplaces have been a popular choice amongst our customers for many years, and the designs have always been relatively plain and simple. There’s not much need for too much extravagant design anyway – the animal fossils, shells, and natural markings add character and will keep you mesmerised.


However, just recently we have seen a surge in the more ornate designs from the Victorian and Georgian period.


Grand designs, such as the Bolection and Prince Louis, perfectly complement the very latest (and larger) higher efficiency gas fires.


Stone is also renowned for being a good conductor of heat, so when you’re sat back with your fire flickering away for a long while, your entire surroundings will also share a more comfortable, even warmth.

Contact Us for Your Limestone & Marble Fireplace

Here at Eco Fires, we design all of our own fireplaces, and since they’re all individually made by hand, they can be adapted to suit your own requirements. They’ll add character and bring balance to your home.

We’re proud to work very closely with expert masons, which means that we can carefully select the best material for consistency in colour and shade. If you’re looking for fireplaces in Hampshire, come and visit us in our showroom, based in Crookham Village, to view a range of stunning feature fireplace alongside the very best gas fires you can buy. Or, if you’re looking for some on-site advice, give us a call on 01252 815100 and arrange a free, no obligation site survey.

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