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Heta woodburners: Scandinavian expertise driving modern innovation

In the same way that we expect fine wines from the world’s warm, dry grape-growing regions, and our coffee from Brazil, we look to the colder-climate Nordic countries for the best in mature woodburning technologies. Danish manufacturers Heta, from Lemvig in the north-west of Denmark, are a good example of a company who value their Scandinavian woodburning heritage whilst remaining open to the influence of modern developments which advance and refine the traditional woodburner concept. Thus, since their launch back in 1972, Heta have designed and developed a premium collection of contemporary stoves ranging from cast-iron originals to ultra-modern insets and free-standing models.


Inspire 45: a heart-warming centrepiece

Heta Inspire 40 stove wood burning stoves fleet hampshire

Whether for chic contemporary-interior appeal, or cheery, heart-warming visual comfort, the key feature of a woodburning stove is always its living-flame display. Here, the designers have equipped the compact Heta Inspire 45 with a widescreen glass door to maximise the uplifting impact of its captive burning flame. With its solid high-grade steel and cast iron build, pleasing clean lines and understated, round-edged appearance, the Inspire 45 is a sophisticated variant of the traditional woodburning stove which would be equally at home in a country cottage or a cosy modern space. And because the Inspire 45 is available in either a matt black finish, or with an enamelled door in a choice of nine modern Heta colours, this stove will blend tastefully with any style of interior du00e9cor. Alternatively, mounting your Inspire 45 on an optional 32-cm base and log store with anti-vibration ‘quiet feet’, instantly transforms the stove into a high-profile, eye-catching centrepiece for your home.

Danish-engineered performance and utility

A modern high-performing clean burn stove, the Inspire 45 has a nominal heat output rating of 4.9kW and can be easily controlled to produce outputs from as low as 1.5kW up to a full 7kW. This model offers dual fuel convenience as a traditional woodburner or a multifuel stove, and features a riddling grate and isolated ashpan compartment. The fire chamber is vermiculite-protected for safe, high-temperature burning, and the fire can be effortlessly regulated with just a single-lever air control. A secondary air wash ensures your glass door stays immaculately clean and your view of the fire uninterrupted, whilst the facility to connect direct to an external air supply means the Inspire 45 is ideal for those properties insulated to a high standard.

Eco efficiency for a modern world

In our energy-conscious times, wood burning has once again been recognised as a viable carbon-neutral option u2013 the carbon absorbed during tree growth balances the CO2 released during stove combustion. Burning logs up to 420mm in length, the Inspire 45 has a high efficiency rating of 84 per cent and delivers a comfortable, warming blend of radiant and convected heat. Furthermore, Heta’s own tertiary chamber design, which consumes any harmful gases left behind by the initial wood-burning sequence in a super-efficient ‘secondary burning’, delivers a clean, eco-friendly combustion cycle. This keeps your running costs down, maintains a cleaner environment, and meets your responsibility to safeguard our planet’s future.

Heta inspire stoves fleet hampshire

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