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Please watch our video review of the Gazco Riva2 500

A very popular fire for many reasons. In this video Pete Hillier, one of the directors of
Eco Fires and Stoves, explains why it’s so popular and why it may suit your home.


Hi, I am Pete Hillier. I am one of the directors of Eco Fires and Stoves Limited in Crookham Village. I'd like to talk to you today about one of the most popular gas fires we do.. which is the Riva 2/500, made by a company called Gasco, based in Exeter.

I would like to talk to you about why it's one of our most popular models and also why we enjoy fitting it so much.

The 500 is referring to the width of the firebox itself, 500mm. That means it will go into the majority of British built chimneys, very important.

It's designed to be a very efficient fire, that's why it has a glass front. It also has a heat exchanger. It's warming the air in your room. It pulls cold air in at the bottom; warm air naturally comes out the top.

Because it's got a glass front, you don't get the heat loss

This is what a lot of people want now is the higher efficiency. This is 75 to 80% heat efficient, depending on what one you buy it in.

Gas Fire Remote Control

Another reason it's so popular is the very realistic fuel bed on it. It has a remote control, which everybody wants these days. At the moment, it's set on pilot light. As soon as I turn it on, it goes into high setting; that's normal to get the chimney warmed up so the fire works properly.

Once the fire is up to temperature, which would take about 10 minutes normally, you can knock it down to medium or low setting. It's all automatic. There's a slight delay on it because it does it automatically once you've pressed the button on the remote control.

That's now on low setting, medium, and then high.

You can also set these on a timer and set a thermostat on your remote control, if you want to use it as an out and out heater for your room.

No Chimney Required..

You do not need a chimney for these fires. You can buy it with what we call, a balance flue option. That means if you don't have a chimney, you can build a false chimney breast in your room, set it in like you would a normal fire, and then there's a steel pipe that comes off the top and goes straight outside. You don't actually need a chimney to own one of these fires.

It is very, very realistic. It has hand painted ceramic log fuel bed. It has the glowing embers at the bottom, and you've got different options for the back as well. You don't have to have the brick affect. They can also do black, reeded, and they do a light colour, what we call vermiculite.

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