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Should I Choose A Wood Burning stove or gas fire?

Before you start looking for fireplaces in Hampshire it’s important to know just what
you’re looking for and what will best suit your home; it can be a big purchasing
decision, so you may want to consult with experts like those here at Eco Fires and
Stoves. Of course, you may already have a rough idea of what you want… or you
may not. We’ve already spoken about the benefits of choosing a gas fire, but what
about a wood burning one? There are just as many!



When most people think about fireplaces, an image is conjured in the mind of a beautifully
crackling fire and a warm, cosy room. Having a fireplace with real flame not only feels more
“authentic” but gives an entire experience of not just the look of the flames, but the sound of
logs crackling and the smell of wood smoke. All in all, wood burning fireplaces don’t just
provide heat, but an entire experience.


Real fire Vs Convenience

Most people look to fireplaces as a source of heat as well as a feature so how well they
warm a room is obviously a big factor when deciding what model to choose.
Modern glass fronted gas fires are very efficient and run at between 70% and 95% efficient
Good wood burning stoves are generally around 78% – 85% efficient
Gas is more convenient as they have a constant fuel supply whereas wood burning stoves
need to be reloaded every hour or so.



If you prize aesthetics, then there is not a lot to choose between a wood burning stove or
one of the latest gas fires or stoves it is more about suitability for you property and lifestyle
The real flames in a wood burner are beautiful to behold, but there are a wide range of
stylish stoves and fireplaces to choose from, ranging for rustic to modern, inlaid, corner-
hugging, or free standing. No matter which option you pick, it’s sure to complement the fire it
contains perfectly.


Get In Touch 

Made up your mind and decided what way to go? Come and browse our selection of
quality fireplaces in Hampshire and get some expert advice from the Eco Fires and
Stoves team themselves! You can come visit us in person by visiting our Fleet
showroom, or can reach us with any questions at or
01252 815100 – we’re here to help!