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We have been installing gas fires and wood burning stoves for a number of years now. We have worked in homes across Surrey and across Hampshire. In particular, we have noticed an increase in the number of fireplaces in Farnborough that we install.

Through this increase, we have managed to accumulate and compile the 4 most common types of fireplaces that we have found during our installations.


Direct-Vented Built-In Gas Fires

A lot of the houses that can be found in Farnborough already consist of chimneys, which makes our lives as fireplace installers that much easier.

This is one of the primary reasons why Direct-Vented Built-In Gas Fires are some of the most frequently found fireplaces in Farnborough.

What this means, is that there is a direct ventilation path that is built into the fireplace. The majority of the time, this is done through a chimney as it can be difficult and intricate to build a new ventilation system.

With that being said, a well constructed Direct-Vented Built-In gas fire is always a pleasure to install as well as design.


Wood Burning Stoves

This one is slightly more obvious as it is one of 3 primary types of fireplaces (along with gas fires and electric fires).

With the wood burning stoves that we have found in Farnborough, we have found the range of designs to be vast. This is due to the many different styles of homes that are apparent in the Hampshire town.

However, they all share a common theme of adding the element of turning a house into a home. It truly becomes the centrepiece of not only the room it is installed in but the entire house.


Mantel Electric Fireplaces

There has been an increase in the number of families that we have noticed living in Farnborough. Because of the young children running around, we have found that a lot of Farnborough homes consist of an electric fireplace.

This is due to the fact that there isn’t a real flame that can cause any harm. It provides the same amount of warmth and heat whilst reducing the risk of an accident occurring.

Following on from that, we have found that the Mantel Electric Fireplace has been a popular choice due to the pleasing aesthetics and the personal touch that can be added to them.

This has allowed a lot of families to have their dream fireplace come to life.


Free Standing Fireplaces

Due to the minimal space that they require, we have also installed a lot of Free Standing fireplaces into Farnborough homes. Due to the versatility in their location, you really can have them in any location in the house (providing that it meets the rest of the important points to consider when looking at fireplaces).

Free Standing variants can be fueled by either wood, gas or electricity depending on your preference meaning that your imagination really is the limit. We have noticed that a lot of these Free Standing models are able to seamlessly fit with any environment they are presented with.

We house a range of Free Standing fireplaces in our award-winning showroom in Fleet which is just down the road.


Farnborough Fireplaces

If you are thinking of installing a fireplace in your Farnborough home, then please do give our friendly and helpful team a call. Our number is 01252 815100 and we can book you in to come and find your perfect fireplace, whether that is any of those mentioned above, or something completely different!

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