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Introducing Bellfires Premium Fires

Gas fires have always offered a clean, controllable burn and some initially tried (unsuccessfully) to mimic the ‘living flame’ appeal of a natural fire. As designs evolved, we have watched gas fires gradually move away from soulless ‘fake-fire’ designs and begin to assert their own unique identity u2013 and regardless of your perspective on  ‘realism’, the panoramic flame of a contemporary, premium-grade inset fire is simply stunning. However, Dutch gas-fire manufacturers Bellfires have now developed a new game-changing feature which threatens to blow the ‘natural fire’ debate wide open once more. Cue the new Bellfires Premium Fire u2026

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Premium log burner

The Bellfires Premium Fire features a convincingly lifelike stacked-log fire with flames emerging from within the charred logs. This new ultra-real ‘firescape’ is all the more impressive because the Premium Fire lacks any bulky fire-bed underneath its burning logs u2013 the usual telltale sign of artificial heating from below. And when you wish to recreate the ambient glow of a dying fire, subtle integrated lighting beneath the burning logs can be activated and adjusted to precisely match the detail of the burning phase you want to simulate. For those customers who wish to take natural-fire realism even further, Bellfires have produced a special decoration set incorporating a suite of burning elements: gently smouldering embers, glowing coals, decorative glass and wood ash. These can be arranged amid the flames of your Premium Fire to create the ultimate living-flame experience.

Double Burner

The Premium Fire incorporates a new double burner system which will allow Premium Fire owners to preserve the impressive visual features of their fire display whilst reducing the fire’s heat output to much lower levels. At the touch of a button, the output level can be cut by up to 40 per cent whilst retaining the same flame height as offered at full output. This feature can act as an economy, fuel-saver setting, as well as providing a more comfortable level of heat outside of the peak heating season, whilst also offering a means of preserving your cosy log-fire atmosphere under all operating conditions. Whatever your output settings, the Premium Fire still allows you full control of the height and intensity of your flame feature.

Bellfires Premium Fire Fleet hampshire

Design your ideal living fire

In addition to their Premium Fire, Bellfires have developed their double-burner principle to give homeowners two further display options. The first of these is the Line Fire which allows control of the depth of the flame image. When the fire is producing its full output, the flames extend to the full depth of the fire area. But when the lower energy-saving setting is selected, the fire uses just a single burner to spread the fire across the full width of the fireplace, though with a reduced depth of flame.

Alternatively, customers may choose a Centre Fire. Here, the flame adjustment is from wide to narrow, with both burners on in each case. A wide setting gives flame across the entire width of the fireplace, whilst ‘palisading mode’ concentrates your fire and flames in the centre of the hearth.

Whichever burner configuration you decide to purchase, either Bellfires option will always deliver high efficiency, and less heat output at the touch of a button plus, of course, a considerable saving on heating costs.

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