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So let’s just talk about one of our really, really popular, gas appliances at the moment. It’s a gas stove. It’s called the GAZCO Sheraton Five Balance Flue Gas stove. Since it first came into our showroom, we knew it was going to do well. And obviously it’s a really, really attractive looking stove.

It’s got a great big window. It’s got a lovely fuel bed with the glowing embers and cast iron front.

So it’s got a really elegant look to it, but it’s also plain in its design. It hasn’t got too much detail on it. It’s all about the flames going on inside and they are remote control stoves.

Okay. So you can ignite and turn the pilot off with the remote control and you can obviously adjust it up and down. Very simple to use has a safety device on the stove. So you can’t use it until you’ve given it a little squeeze. What that does it activates the safety control on it. This stove can be fitted as a free standing unit, so you can go just freestanding or on a little hearth.

And a pipe straight out the back, if you want, you can have it as simple as that. It happily puts out four kilowatts of heat, which is what most people want. , and like I say, I thought I’d show you this one, everybody loves it. We fitted loads of them in fireplaces and free standing and it’s just a lovely little stove.

We knew it was going to do well for us.

So this is an example of a freestanding stove. So it’s as simple as that small hearth, stove. Flue system – balanced flue system up then straight through the wall to the outside wall and on the outside, that will be coming out just this bit here. Okay. If it’s below six feet outside, uh, below six feet in height, you do need a cage around this, like a protection cage.

If you took that up higher and out, you can just have this coming through without any cage at all.

This is an inset balance, flu fire. So this is your flat wall. This is your lounge wall. And people will say, how’d you get that to work without the chimney breast? It’s quite simple that fire has been made quite slim with the reflective back, so that because it’s a slim fire, we can cut out your inner wall, put in a supporting lintel and bury this fire into the cavity itself.

So, so the fire actually goes into that external wall. And again, the flue pipe just comes straight out in the back. It is a different kind of a flu term. And it was not the round one that I showed earlier. It’s a, it’s a taller, flat, terminal with a, with a cage around it. It’s just the way that they work.

It’s all about efficiency. Okay. So this fire is A Gazco Studio 1 Slimline Balance Flue gas fire. It’s been made slim to go into the cavity. You see, it’s got a reflective back. And the reason for that is because it’s a slim fuel bed. It gives a real depth when you look at it because it’s reflecting the flames.

Okay. again, same sort of efficiency. They’re super high output, these fires. Again, remote control, a different sort of remote control. Fully variable from extremely low to off. Okay. So you can turn the pilot light off at the remote. You can turn the pilot light on with the remote and you’ve got full adjustment up and down.

This particular fireplace we seem to fitting a lot of these in Camberley, Surrey at the moment, I don’t know why that is. We just got a couple of roads that were fitting them in and obviously people get talking about it and we’ve  fitted quite a few up there. Everybody’s super happy with them.

We can put it with any sort of fireplace you like, we designed this one to go with the studio one and we can design any of our fireplaces to suit this particular fire. Or of course there are plenty of other fires as well. You’ve got your traditional 16 inch type. You know, if you, if you want that sort of thing, no problem at all.

Well, we’ve got the big three sided fires. They all work in the same way. Some need chimney breasts, some need some don’t, but these are a particularly simple fits in comparison to a lot because you got that, that slim fire, you don’t have to build a chimney breast. It can go straight into the wall.

So that’s another thing that people didn’t realise they can have in the – A Balanced Fire I hope this video helps to show you that you can actually have the gas fire you’ve always wanted and you know it can be done now wi


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