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Listen to the interview between BBC Surrey’s James Cannon and EcoFires and Stoves Director and All Round Home Fire Expert Pete Hillier – as they discuss Amon…get other things..Are gas fires bad for the environment, or should we be burning wood, Pete also talked about the difference between the old technology and the new technology, which makes the newer gas fires way more efficient and are nothing like the old inefficient fires of the past.

Pete also explains why if you have an old style gas fire, you are losing 40% of your heat straight up the chimney.

James also asked about wood burning stoves and Pete explained that wood burners get a bad rap, but generally this is down to user error, so if you have a wood burner and you don’t think its efficient and that there is too much smoke, Pete gives some really good advice.

Pete also talked about the kind of wood that you should use and how that will make a huge difference too…


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