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Day: May 8, 2019

How often should you service your wood burning fire? When is the best time to get it serviced....

Why should you get your gas fire serviced? What does our gas fire service include? How often should you service your gas fire? These and other topics are covered in this video where Pete talks to his business partner of

In this video Pete talks about Dean Forge Stoves, who are based in Devon. EcoFires and Stoves are big fans of this company and the stoves that they are famous for like the Dartmoor Eco, Woodbury Eco & Sherford Eco

These first class fires with the simplest of controls give you one of the best flame features in the business. This is the result of years of product development and constant improvement and development.
There are many stove fans on the market for log burners. Some have 2 blades, or there ones with 4 blades - 6 or even 12! In this video our expert Pete shares his favourite ones. What's the best one for you?
Pete Hillier Director @EcofiresStoves gives his personal view on this Swedish stove. He also demonstrates ligting the fire and points out the pros and cons of buying a fire like this. His first impression is that this is a 'massive stove'
This 5 KW stove is stylish and elegant and is one of the highest performing stoves available on the market today.
Bioethanol fires are becoming more popular because they are eco friendly and generally safe. But you still have to be aware of lighting them correctly.
In this video Pete discusses why he is now collaborating with a local company Amelia Media Wall, who are specialists in designing and installing media walls.
If you are thinking of having a media wall installed in your home, Pete offers his opininion on some the best fires for this purpose. In this video Pete talks about the Gazco Onyx range, The Kallfire E1 and the
This job was to convert an electric fireplace to accomodate a new wood burning stove. When we started to dismantle the old false chimney breast we discovered...
Pete Hillier a Director of EcoFires and Stoves in Fleet Hampshire UK gives advice on choosing the right fire during the energy crises.
If your wood burning stove doesn't fire up quickly, it's probably because your wood is too moist.
Some really great information on some tools you need for your wood burner plus advice on fuel.
When you light up your log burner, do you get too much smoke in the room? Well maybe you're lighting your fire the WRONG WAY.
Listen to the interview between BBC Surrey's James Cannon and EcoFires and Stoves Director and All Round Home Fire Expert Pete Hillier
When it comes to buying a fire for your home there are quite a few options. In this short video, Pete Hillier Director of EcoFires and Stoves talks about the most important choice you have to make before going on to
Take a look at the before and after pictures for this Gazco Reflex 75 T Gas fire.
The Kalfire Eone is one of the best electric fires on the market, that so realistic it looks like a wood burning fire
In this video we show you the simplicity of the HWAM 2630c. Please call us for further help or information 01253 815000
This is one of the most popular wood burning stoves in the Uk - How does it measure up?
So let's just talk about one of our really, really popular, gas appliances at the moment. It's a gas stove. It's called the GAZCO Sheraton Five Balance Flue Gas stove.
This is one of our favourite wood burning stoves. In this video Pete from Ecofires and Stoves tells you why you should consider getting this fire fitted.
In this video Pete talks about the Ecosmart 500 bioethanol burner. Bioethanol fires are probably the most efficient fuel source.....
Planika Fires Demonstrating a Bio Ethanol Fires. Lighting and Explaining How They work.
The vast majority of installations we do go really according to plan, we’ve got surveyors in place and all the fitters to do everything right. But we do get the occasional ones that don't go according to plan.
The cassette wood burners are very popular with our customers. In this video Pete demonstrates how to light one and how they work
Gas fires have come a long way in recent years. They have become more efficient and come in many sizes and for some you don't even need a chimney.
We removed an old fashioned wooden surround and gas fire and replaced with a Modern Gazco Riva 2600 and and carved natural limestone fireplace.
Hi, I'm Pete from Ecofires and Stoves in Crookham Village in Fleet. Today I want to talk about a new way of lighting a Stove.
There's been a lot of talk and concern about the Eco Design Ready regulations that are coming into force 1st January 2022. In this video, Pete explains why unless you have a very old burner, you shouldn't worry especially if
In this video EcoFires and Stoves Director Pete Hillier talks to James Gilbert from Gazco-Stovax about the Gazco Riva 2600 This special range of fires is one of the most popular that we sell.
In this video Pete Hillier one of the Directors at EcoFires and Stoves talks to James Gilbert from Gazco about the Gazco Reflex 750.

At Eco Fires, our staff have a wealth of experience when it comes to advising visitors in our stove showroom in Hampshire. We’re often asked “what is the best wood to burn?”. That’s why we’ve outlined the best types of

Here at Eco Fires, our converted barn showroom attracts lots of compliments from visitors and industry experts. We often find that visiting the showroom helps a lot of our customers decide on which fireplace they really want. It’s all well

Electric fires in Surrey have become more than just a passing trend, they have hit the mainstream and they’re allowing people to create a stunning focal feature in their home. But why exactly have electric fires become so popular? Here

Finding the perfect fireplace is a lot easier said than done. That’s why, if you are looking for a fireplace in Alton, you should seek the help of the expert team at Eco Fires & Stoves. We are confident that

We have been installing gas fires and wood burning stoves for a number of years now. We have worked in homes across Surrey and across Hampshire. In particular, we have noticed an increase in the number of fireplaces in Farnborough

When you are looking for fireplaces in Camberley, it is very easy to be swept away by the temptations of fancy designs and slick looks. However, there is more to fireplace shopping than what just meets the eye. There are

We make more bespoke designs in Yateley than most other areas, This is because there are a lot of one off, unique buildings. Walk through our award-winning showroom doors and you will find our helpful staff are on hand to understand

The use of fireplaces in Guildford has been around since the medieval times. There are numerous chimneys in Guildford and surrounding areas. You will find a chimney in modern houses and old 17th century character cottages alike. If you are

Installing a fireplace is just the start of a residential journey that you will take as a homeowner. A lot of our existing customers, as well as our new enquiries ask us for our expert opinion on how to compliment

As a company that offers local residents fireplaces in Hampshire, Eco Fires and Stoves know that some of our customers are looking for a fireplace that will add character and charm to their home. Here are some reasons why a

As a company that offers local residents quality fireplaces in Hampshire, Eco Fires and Stoves know that some of our customers are long time lusters but first time havers of gas fires, meaning that they often don’t know what to

You may clearly know that you want a fireplace for your home and have visions of you and your family snuggled up around it, but when you actually start shopping for fireplaces in Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey, there are some

As experts in fireplaces in Surrey, the team at Eco Fires and Stoves know that gas fireplaces should be serviced once a year to maximise their efficiency and keep them in safe working order. It’s best to get yours serviced

As a trusted supplier of quality fireplaces in Fleet, Eco Fires and Stoves have helped many of our customers over the years choose and install their dream fireplace and create the perfect space for them. Of course, at the start

As a supplier of quality fires and fireplaces, Eco Fires and Stoves were delighted to find out the October is National Fireplace Month! With the weather turning chilly, it’s the perfect time to curl up in front of a fire,

There are many different types of fireplaces that can be installed with Surrey fireplace installations. Some are made here in the UK others are imported. In this video Pete shows the different types available, he talks about installing a fireplace

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In this video, Director Pete Hillier shows you how to light a wood burner. He and his team are always asked similar questions each day, so we thought we would make this video for you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] o [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Some of the most

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] 15 Things That Makes Eco Fires and Stoves Different We have our own full-time HETAS and Gas safe fireplace and stove installers. We have our own dedicated, full-time service and maintenance engineer for all gas and wood burning appliances.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Gazco Riva2 500 range of gas fires are one of our most popular. They are designed to fit a standard 22′ fireplace opening and can be fitted into a standard British fireplace. The simple, clean lines of this ‘hole

[vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In this video, Pete Hillier director of Eco fires and Stoves answers some of the questions asked all of the time by prospective buyers of gasfires. Like: What’s the main things that has changed in recent years that has made

Here is a customer testimonial from Nicola, who recently asked us to install a log burning stove. We just love a happy customer…

At Eco Fires and Stoves we recommend that your gas fire is serviced on a yearly basis and any worn of failing parts are replaced. The fact that modern gas fires are now much more efficient and refined in the way

In this video, I would like to show you around our new showroom layout. We realise how difficult it is to choose a fire and then choose a separate surround, whether it be gas fire or log burning stove. So

Watch Pete Hillier light a wood burning stove the proper way. In this video Pete gives advice starting with a cold stove. He talks about the need for a covering of ash, the types of wood you must use for

Meet Danny Hillier AKA the Stove Doctor  Why you need to have your flue serviced regularly.   Meet Danny Hillier, THE Stove Doctor from In this video he talks to Sean Usher about, why you need to regularly have your

With the wide range of gas fireplaces available today, choosing the right one for your home can be an intimidating task. So how do you go about picking the right fire for your needs? What to look for when choosing

Visit our Gas Fire and Wood Burning showroom in Chuch Crookham, Nr. Fleet Hampshire to see a wide range of working fires. The fire below is The Eclipse 100 gas fire comes with a Programmable thermostatic remote control to give you complete

In this video we'll show you from start to finish how we installed a brick chimney with a pumice lining This customer originally asked for a quote on a steel flue system, however it wasn't until he was advised of

Eco Chimney Solutions Within the past few years you will have noticed an increased number of metal flues installed on the side of houses. Some of these are poorly installed with cheap, inferior products and are now beginning to look

Though &#39classic' can sometimes be an overused word, it's the one that instantly springs to mind when you catch a glimpse of Gazco’s stunning range of Studio gas fires. One reason for the sustained popularity of these models is their

Watch this video and we will show you how we transformed a typical 1980s built fireplace and inefficient fire into a modern high efficiency Bellfire Horizon fireplace. Starting with a very large brick fireplace, originally installed by Charles church homes, in

Introducing Bellfires Premium Fires Gas fires have always offered a clean, controllable burn and some initially tried (unsuccessfully) to mimic the ‘living flame’ appeal of a natural fire. As designs evolved, we have watched gas fires gradually move away from

Gazco Riva 2/500 Gas Range With some gas fires versatility just doesn’t work, whilst others have the ability to adapt, blend and link interior themes without losing an ounce of their characterful identity. In the opinion of countless more-than-satisfied customers,

Vincent Thurkettle is one of the U.K.’s leading experts on wood fires. He has written the best selling ‘The Woodfire Handbook’, and is a Chartered Forester.

Real class is extremely hard to conceal and our customers are always impresssed by the flawless design and pedigree of the Unilux-6 40 wood-burning stove. Though this premium product from Barbas may take just two weeks to build, it’s immediately

At Eco Fires and Stoves we notice that whilst customers are keenly aware of the impact a handsome stove can make, far fewer seem to be aware a finely crafted stove surround offers much more than just a defining framework.

The Pioneer 400 at first glance Sporting elegant contours inspired by the local landscape, the Pioneer 400 stove is a perfect example of Clearview's uncompromising attention to detail and desire to build a clean-burning stove to meet, and even exceed,

Clearview's elegant stoves are crafted at a beautiful location which nestles among the valleys and uplands of the Shropshire Hills straddling England's border with Wales. As well as many other treasures, this unspoilt region can boast Morris dancers, ancient packhorse

Are you looking for a designer gas fire with radiant good looks to make a stylish centrepiece? A welcoming glow to warm the heart of every visitor? Or perhaps an efficient, reliable heat source which must be easy to operate

In this video, Eco Fires and Stoves Director Pet Hillier talks about one of the latest gas fires to be installed in their gas showroom. The Viewbell Derby 3 comes in various sizes, pushes out 2-8kWh and is completely controllable

This is the Horizon Bell Gas. Pete Hillier, Director at Eco Fires and Stoves talks about some of the features of this fantastic gas fire. Bellfires are based in Holland and offer some of the highest quality products on the market..

In this video Pete Hillier, Director of Eco Fires and Stoves introduces Bellfires. A Dutch company that was established 1928 and are well know for their high end, high quality gas fires. At our showroom we have 3 live displays of

Why Wood Burning Stoves are the way to go. An Energy-efficient solution Modern heating methods seek to maximise energy efficiency whilst minimising carbon emissions, and contemporary wood-burning stoves are optimised to meet these aims. Fuelled by wood logs, a woodburner

Stovax Studio 1 Whether you're seeking a jewel in the crown to complement your elegant du00e9cor, a fire to warm your soul and mesmerise your guests, or a cosy family haven at the heart of your home, the Riva Studio

We’re busy updating and refurbishing our fires showroom at the moment. Its all going well and will be completed by summer. But we are fully open at the moment. The stove and gas fire industry is changing all the time bring new

Are you looking for instant warmth from a welcoming fire which combines a stylish profile and classic good looks with the efficiency and response of a natural gas stove? If so, then the British made Whitby gas fire, designed and

If your idea of home comforts includes a cosy, welcoming fireside atmosphere where a jet-black, British-made wood stove with shining brass fittings naturally assumes pride of place, then, like many Town and Country Fires customers who visit out stove and

A customer came to our fireplace showroom looking to buy and electric or gas fire, but what they really wanted was a wood burning stove. They believed they couldn’t have a wood burner because they didn’t have a chimney. However

Those looking for an elegant gas fire, which can also double as an atmospheric centrepiece capable of both welcoming and captivating your visitors at the same time, need look no further – the View Bell Derby 3 has arrived! With

In this interview Sean Usher talks to Pete Hillier a Director of Eco Fires and Stoves about Stone Fireplaces. He first of all talked about the Bespoke Fireplace Design Services that they offer… Sean: Hello this is Sean Usher. In this

The inset gas fires from Gazco offer you the benefits of the very highest levels of heating efficiency which will save you money on your gas bills. This high efficiency technology comes with manual operation as standard, but can be

Here’s a recent installation we did…The Horizon Bell 3 Gas Fire

  Heta woodburners: Scandinavian expertise driving modern innovation In the same way that we expect fine wines from the world’s warm, dry grape-growing regions, and our coffee from Brazil, we look to the colder-climate Nordic countries for the best in

As ACR Heat Products demonstrate, far from being an exclusively rural heating option which is messy and old-fashioned, today’s modern multi-fuel stoves are powered by a renewable energy source and cover a broad spectrum of traditional and contemporary heating choices.

Charnwood Cove 1 The Cove 1 is the latest addition to Charnwood’s Cove range, which you can see in our fireplace showroom near Fleet in Hampshire. It Features the same distinctive rounded corners and cast iron door as its forebears, this

Please watch our video review of the Gazco Riva2 500 A very popular fire for many reasons. In this video Pete Hillier, one of the directors of Eco Fires and Stoves, explains why it’s so popular and why it may

Eco fires and stoves in Fleet Hampshire have been installing wood burning and multifuel stoves for many years We only install top brands such as Stovax, Charnwood, Yeoman, ACR, Dovre, Nordpies, Clearview, Barbas, Mendip, Brosley, Heta, Pevex, Wanders, Town and

Hi this is Sean Usher on this podcast we are talking to Pete Hillier a director from Eco Fires and Stoves about gas fires. In this episode we are going to learn the benefits of having a gas fire, why

Barbas Unilux-3-52 With its sleek, elegant design and instant eye-catching appeal, the Barbas Unilux 3-52 looks to be the perfect choice for a modern replacement woodburning stove to fit your existing chimney location. Built to meet modern heating and interior

When you buy your wood burning stove you need to have a surround, a fireplace mantle. There are many different types of mantles, from the expensive to inexpensive, from ornate and intricate to simple and of course you can choose

In this interview, Sean Usher talks to Pete Hillier, one of the directors of Eco Fires and Stoves. Pete talks about The main benefits of  wood burning or multi-fuel stoves The process of buying a stove, from enquiry to installation

Listen to this audio interview with John from Winchfield  Logs. We highly recommend John.  He offers a first class service to our customers by supplying hardwood logs to your door. He operates within a 20 mile radius of Winchfield and

The Charnwood Island I, with an output rating of 5kW, is the baby of the Island range. This is not to suggest a lightweight performance u2013 any wood burning stove which comfortably handles logs up to 370mm (14.5") in length

When seeking a stylish home-heating centrepiece, generations of homeowners have wrestled with the &#39form-versus-function dilemma'. Too often, available options have offered good looks or good performance u2013 but rarely both. Thankfully, contemporary designs of hole-in-the-wall glass gas fires have consigned

Town and Country Little Thurlow Buying a wood stove requires careful research to find the one which is just right for you and your home. A very popular choice with our customers is the Little Thurlow. Designed and built by

Here at Eco Fires and Stoves we have carried out hundreds of installations in and around Farnham. As a small business we know how important great service is to our customers and that’s why if you look at our testimonial

We will be posting some of our most recent work here. Our fitters will be taking photos of before and after on certain jobs that we carry out.   Recent installations Click On Any Of The Pictures To Enlarge  

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